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Software Developer

Why I'm finally investing in Apple

By Adarsh Pandit in writing

On the day of the last Apple event, Tuesday September 9th:

  • I owned two iPads, two iPhones, an Apple TV, and a MacBook for work.
  • I blocked two hours to watch a company announce products which were 100% surprises.


  • My company almost entirely develops software using Apple products and exclusively builds mobile Apple software.
  • I excitedly upgraded my phone to iOS 8 the day it was available.
  • I have been writing software on OS X for 2.5 years.

On that day, Apple’s influence in my personal and professional life finally dawned on me.

I’m not a big investor - most of our savings are in index funds - but given the presence Apple has in my life, it seems silly not to bet on their continued success.

Written by Adarsh Pandit

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