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How to Get a Job As a Rails Developer

By Adarsh Pandit in rails

Someone asked me today how to strengthen their application for

Here is my response, which is what I believe gets you from a beginner to a job as a Rails developer.


  • Launch a simple Rails application. You’ll learn more in this process than you will any other way.
  • Beef up your GitHub page with solid, well-written, small code examples.
  • Write some tests in RSpec. Try to get to 100% coverage (use simplecov to check)


  • Get excellent at Ruby. Read everything on this page:
  • Work through Agile Development in Ruby on Rails, Michael Hartl’s tutorial
  • Start reading about refactoring. Know what ‘good code’ means.
  • Learn Vim. Just stick with it and you’ll be faster.


  • Read Ruby Weekly
  • Listen to Ruby Rogues podcast
  • Check Hacker News and read up on current events


  • Attend meetups and hack nights. Work on a project with someone else. Learn from them and say thanks.
  • Keep in touch with everyone you met, send them emails, have coffee with them.
  • Join a Ruby mailing list (not ruby6) and participate.

Show interest

  • Know everything about people/companies before you meet them (Tweets/Blogs/Linkedin/Googling).
  • Show up 10-15 minutes early for interviews.
  • Put on a jacket.
  • Be humble.
Written by Adarsh Pandit

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